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Shine The Light Initiative is a non-profit organization founded by Winnipeg dentist, Brent Wong and his wife Wendy. The organization assists people
in the world who are less fortunate or are facing greater challenges in their lives than what we here in Canada endure.

Unlike most charitable organizations, Shine The Light believes that an organization can be effectively run simply with gifted volunteers. This way all of your donation goes towards the cause, not the organizers of the cause.

All monies raised are for the express purpose of transporting our volunteers to the villages in need, for medical equipment and needed supplies and for local help to transform the landscape with new buildings and in turn to stimulate the economy. We will gladly issue you an official tax receipt for any donations of $20 or more.

Our focus at this juncture is on the north shore of the Dominican Republic and more particularly in the area around Puerto Plata. We have worked in the barrio of Agua Negra (recently renamed Nuevo Renacer, meaning new re-birth) in Puerto Plata and the villages of Ascension, Cangreo, Nazareth and others.

We work with and through a number of local Dominican and Haitian professionals (pastors and doctors) to ensure that our efforts are expended in the
areas where they will have the most impact.


How the Trips Work

Firstly, Brent and his dental team provide a free dental clinic. They will do fillings, extractions, cleanings, dentures and even place dental implants! At least once and often twice a year a Winnipeg denturist joins the group and provides dentures to persons who have been, in some cases, missing vital teeth for many years.

Secondly, the medical teams consist of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who will co-ordinate with a local doctor and provide free medical clinics, travelling to the outlying villages where they are most needed. This team brings many medicines, vitamins and health related products with them and
dispenses them to the communities.

Thirdly, the construction team will financially provide the materials and will physically assist the local workers in the construction of replacement homes for area residents whose homes have deteriorated to the point of being unlivable or have been destroyed by wind, weather or water.

Although these are the main points of thrust, we also engage in other activities. We assist in serving a food program in the Village of Ascension. We bring clothing and goods to donate to those in need. We continue to seek out new and challenging opportunities to provide further assistance wherever possible.

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