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Almost There!

Almost There!

As you know the STLi trip is next week! The main focus of the trip will be building one house for a deserving family in need – and that is for a woman named Benita.

She is 55 years old and sells homemade bread in the streets. Her husband’s name is Gavino. He is 68 years old and he is sick and can’t work very often because of that. Benita’s mother Ana and she is 95 years old and can’t walk. 

There used to be a grandson that lived with them, but he couldn’t live there anymore, because whenever it would rain, the floods would bring different diseases and he would constantly be sick. So, he could no longer live there but the plan is to have him and possibly other grandchildren move back into the house.

Some of you may recall this is one of the families that participated in one of the Kitchen Encounters on the January 2017 trip. This is certainly the kind of situation STLi is very happy to help with, as a new house can improve so many other areas of people’s lives.

Another exciting detail is that Wendy will be teaching a soap making course to the local ladies and we hope to turn this into an industry for them in the future. So, a lot to look forward to and we will have all the latest news for you when the team gets back!



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