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(Looks Like) We Made It!

(Looks Like) We Made It!

After a week with a crew that worked extremely hard we were a bit behind schedule but were honoured to dedicate the Community Centre before leaving! Some things need to be completed (finishing touches, front doors) but it was a big project and we are so looking forward to seeing the Centre fully done very soon! Our hope is that this building can really be a meeting place for the community, as well as a place for them to gain skills and knowledge to provide sustainability.

Here is the list of programs that are planned for the Community Centre:

Parenting Classes
English Classes
Business Training & Management
Bible Studies
Teenage Pregnancy & Prevention
Sewing Program
Literacy Program
After School Program
Gardening & Raising Chicken Program
Cooking Classes with Rene
Marriage Classes

The future looks bright and possibilities are endless – so we left El Javillar with a smile on our faces and hope in our hearts!


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