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Oct Trip Mid Week Update!

Oct Trip Mid Week Update!

We arrived Thursday evening, greeted by William and settled in. The next morning our first day began to start building the community centre! It was a hot and humid day but despite the heat we were very productive and our large group really gelled!

The second day as well as building the Community Centre (where we completed more rows of blocks on the walls) we had a couple Kitchen Encounters – that’s when we get invited into the home of a local, buy them ingredients and they show us how to cook a traditional Dominican dish. In the morning the mother was Joce, a single mom of two girls aged 12 and 18. We made the traditional dish called Lociro where we cooked the rice and the chicken together.


The third day we continued the building of the centre where we started the smooth coat on the inside and outside. The scaffolding was precarious but thankfully held up in the end!

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